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June 14, 2024

We believe in herbal medicine because it is what has been generationally passed down to us by our ancestors.
Since the introduction of complementary medicine, doubt about the efficacy, quality and safety of herbal medicine has become an obstacle to it’s use, owing to the lack of emperical evidence.
????EXECUTIVE PROSTATE AND HERBAL CENTER????is the place for you if you must trust and use traditional medicine????????


Gana balm really active nerves and muscles to aid walking

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May 21, 2021

The mother of a four yr old child who never walked in Kumasi, applied GANA balm for a week on the legs and waist of the child as directed by the phytochemist of Ganaherb Therapeutics, to the surprise of all the child gained his walking ability within just a week of application of Gana balm. I Will recommend Gana balm to all children with delayed or walking difficulties


Are you STROKE patient? just INSERT GANA BALM continuously

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May 21, 2021

My aunty by name Janet Abrefi of Adam Nana Kasoa had stroke four yrs ago, she was also diagnosed at Korlebu teaching hospital with type 1 diabetes as underlining disease . She was put on insulin and other oral anti diabetes pills for yrs before the stroke. In April 2021 my bed ridden aunty listened to Peace fm morning show hosted by sefa kanyi where Gana balm was marketed, she quickly sent for one at 5ghc. She inserted it with cotton as directed by the phytochemist and applied it sparingly to all affected part of her body. Within 24hrs Madam Janet Abrefi started walking miraculously to the surprise and praise of her husband and tenants , she continued inserting and application of Gana balm to date. Today myself, my Aunty, her husband and children are so so happy for the miracle power of GANA BALM in rescuing people with stroke.

Saviour Edor - Factory worker

Ganabalm, quick relief for twisted wrist and dislocated knee.

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May 15, 2021

I fell into a 4feet open drain at dansoman that got my right wrist twisted and the knee dislocated. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t walk nor grip hold of an item so resorted to the use of the balm with ice cubes as well on the affected parts and it worked the magic . Within a week , I could walk upright and drive as well . GANABALM, it’s for all …

Patrick Osae-mensah.

On Boil

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May 2, 2021

Am Rita, Gana Balm very effective on boils, i used it on a stubborn armpit boil i had and trust me it worked like magic . thanks Gana balm. Since then i use it every in my armpit in place of deodorant. It burns a little but i love it.